Search and selection

What let you choose a candidate instead of another? In order to choose the right professional for your company through search & selection, it’s crucial to trust the advice of a specialized corporation.

After a detailed analysis of the organisational context and the definition of the profile, we support your company in choosing and direct hiring qualified experts, professionals and middle managers. Our skilled HR Consultants design a personalized recruitment process to understand the details of your open position, the culture of your organization, and the technical and soft skills that the candidate must possess in order to succeed in your company. We help you in the final choice by checking the references and using impartial tools of comparison.

Client and candidate accomplishment are the winning alliance for a stimulating and advantageous working relationship.

Executive Search

What makes a great company stand out? It’s simple, the people who work there.

In order to achieve your company goals and keep your standards high, it is important to choose your human resources wisely. Highly skilled, engaged and productive employees are essential for  your business, but searching, selecting and hiring the best talents is easier said than done. This is why, here at In Job, we dedicate ourselves to providing businesses with standout consultants specialized in the hiring process for specific industries and functional areas.

Thanks to our deep understanding of the markets and our up-to-date international network, we are able to guarantee the satisfaction of your company’s needs. We will select and help you place the best executivesin the right positions.

Most of the time these executives are not actively seeking a new job; thus it is our task and mission to approach with them and introduce them to new exciting opportunities and professional challenges.