Career is one of the most important periods in an individuals life, and while looking for your first job, you definitely would not like to settle for anything less than best. Well, getting you the best options available in the market mostly depends upon the top recruitment consultancy you select, however cracking the interview is the part you need to focus on in the process. Firstly, it is quite important to be sure with the position you are applying for, experienced recruiters like Hiring Point will get you the opportunity of meeting your prospective employers, but to convince them is a challenge. If this is going to be your first interview for a teaching job, then here you can have information on the most required things, you should consider to crack and leave an impression on your employers. 
Things to Consider
1. Be Sure With The Profession: Teaching is considered one of the most ancient occupations and one of the noblest professions. If you are selecting teaching as your profession, then you should certainly come to Hiring Point as it is one of the known as well as the ideal placement agency for teachers. Hiring Point allows you to explore such institutions that look for the exclusive character traits required in the teaching profession. They would look for sincerity and a sense of authority in you. It is quite important as being a teacher is a dutiful job, one cannot carry any type of behaviour and attitude. Its a dignified job and should be pursued with its dignity. 

2. Be Prepared With Your Homework: Its an intelligent decision to do homework on the institution you are going to give an interview for. Do not be in an impression that your recruiters are the one in need and lack of preparation would also do. Such behaviour is considered unprofessional as well as casual. As stated before, recruiters would not consider a non-serious behaviour and possibly you would miss the opportunity. Preparation can be done anytime and anywhere, you can use the transition time to have a glance at the history of the institution or can have a talk with the prospective candidates during the waiting time, to become aware of what are their views. This will help you assert such answers for your interview that are unique. The most appropriate thing would be to get an insight into the institution at least a day before so that you can revise the facts during the transition.  

3. Don’t Miss on Tiny Aspects: It is observed that interviewers usually look for observant candidates as they tend to be analytical and rational. So what you need to do is to observe tiniest details on your way and around your environment. It could be the details of your waiting room, time of the day, present affairs, steps count etc. You must also analyse the things you have observed and be ready with a plan to overcome a possible situation that may happen due to the facts you have observed.

4. Teaching Philosophy Plays An Important Role: Your teaching policy is the foundation on which your teaching career will be built. It is the key factor that decides your inspiration behind choosing teaching as your profession. It varies from person to person, however, when you select an organisation, make sure your teaching philosophy coordinate with theirs. If there is a requirement of modification, kindly do it. Any placement agency for teachers, usually, suggest some ideal approaches like “considering student’s burden and bring changes in the regular teaching pattern to support their passion”. Such a positive philosophy will give a great impression of your on the interview panel.

5. Your Approach Towards Discipline: Discipline is a significant aspect in a students life. Your view towards it can be a decider of your appointment. Good idea is to share such things that are optimistic, firm and positive. You must tell them that you do not yell and has the sense to handle the wrongdoings of your students. Speak things like you are going to apply many good reinforcements for the betterment of children. You should also provide some calenders and routines for your students, so they get to know the importance of following a schedule. The guidelines and rules made by the school are required to be followed compulsorily. Make them understand that you are an appropriate candidate to make children attentive and enjoyable. Show them your teaching techniques that will engage students for quite a long time. Do not add the principals office as a resolution to any problem.  

6. Honesty: Honesty might be the best policy, but not always. Especially when you are attempting an interview, you can not afford to be blunt with your answers. Such a question could be \"why you want to switch from your previous institution?\" No matter what reason is, your answer should be \"personal reasons\". It needs to be followed by the base of your knowledge and perception of certain things. Although, do not tell something which will get you in trouble later. If you are not aware of the software, tell them straight. You need to be smart while giving answers to such questions as they will later build your interviewers trust. 

7. Listen Carefully: Throughout India, the styles followed in interviews are quite varied. Employers in India take personal life and technical skills into consideration while interviewing a candidate. Personal life questions may include marriage, family, student loans (if you have any), and much more. These questions are the norm here as an employer tries to seek your attitude towards your career.

Institutions listed by teacher’s recruitment consultancy look for candidates who are willing to stay for a long period as it would affect their cost. You must prove your stability and carefully answer these questions.

8. The Motive Behind Choosing Education Industry: This is the most general question asked by the panel. It is important as they want to understand the generosity and understanding you have towards the profession. They would like to hear an answer which gives them the confidence that you have the intention to provide un-conditional knowledge which will nurture a students life. 

9. Ability to Deal With Matures: Dealing with children is not that difficult as dealing with their parents. You need to be quick and rapid with your answers. Make your interviewers confident by sharing some techniques to engage parents. This may include sharing newsletters for childrens assignments. You should also include PTM\'s as they are the best way to make parents aware of their childrens conduct and performance. Also, conduct seminars to make parents aware of the ways to improve their child behaviour and attitude. 

10. Concluding Question: After the interview, it is quite common that your interviewer may request you to ask a question. Here you need to be diligent as this question would present your thought process. You can ask a question related to after terms of your job, in case you get selected. Also, ask something that shows your curiosity towards the job. This would make them feel confident in you.   

So these were 10 most important things you must keep in mind while attempting your teaching interview. At Hiring Point, you can come across a variety of institutions where you can apply for the job, but being a smart placement agency for teachers, it is recommended that you should apply to those institutions that are feasible. It is mostly in terms of location, payoff and working hours. These are quite important factors. Cracking an interview is tough although you must not give up if you face rejection, you should focus on what the institution is expecting and accordingly make changes.